5 Facts About Dengue Fever and Mosquitoes
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5 Facts About Dengue Fever and Mosquitoes

Learn about the 5 Facts About Dengue Fever and Mosquitoes. There are many insects around us but mosquitoes are just some of the insects that could really bring us fatal diseases if we are not responsible to ourselves and environment. This article provides information of the reality that we don't even know about dengue virus knowledge is always the key to early prevention of any disease.

Most tropical countries encounter dengue fever health condition particularly in the winter time as mosquitoes have more breeding grounds. Dengue fever is already common on tropical countries but recently, there have been many cases of dengue fever which took many lives because they become severe. Dengue is caused by mosquito bites carrying the dengue virus and once it entered the body, they begin to dominate every single cell and overpower the white blood cells. It is very important for us to be responsible and knowledgeable about this condition by knowing the facts about dengue fever. This is to make us prevent these diseases as early as possible before it becomes severe.

There are actually many ways to prevent mosquito bites thus preventing dengue fever condition. However, we cannot resist all mosquitoes from biting us because there are instances that we travel from different places where dengue carrying mosquitoes are just around. In fact, some places in tropical countries even experience dengue outbreak wherein infected mosquitoes start to bite many people and spread the disease. Most dengue victims don't even know that they have this disease until they experience severe bleeding because the onset of dengue starts with a simple fever and headache similar to flu. These are the facts about dengue fever that we should know for us to be aware of its prevention.

Dengue Fever is actually not fatal

This is one of the most important facts about dengue fever health condition. Dengue is actually not fatal as most people think however, when a simple dengue is fever turned into Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, this is the time that immediate medication and hospitalization are needed. Dengue is usually characterized by high fever, severe headache, rashes around the body and pain in the muscles. This condition can last up to ten days, drinking lot of water and eating nutritious foods are needed during this period. However, there are instances that a simple dengue fever could turn into dengue hemorrhagic fever within 3 to 5 days and this condition should be immediately treated in the hospital as blood transfusion is necessary.

We Can Still Suffer Dengue Fever Several Times

The first encounter of dengue fever doesn't actually assure that our body is safe from possible dengue viruses this is because there are 4 serotypes of this condition. We can still be infected by dengue viruses anytime and anywhere so the best way to protect ourselves is by eradicating the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. Cleaning stagnant canals, removing water from flower vases and cleaning the surroundings are the best remedies to prevent dengue fever. These are just some of the facts about dengue fever that we should know and keep in mind all the time.

Only Female Mosquitoes are Dengue Carriers

Dengue viruses causing dengue fever are caused by the bites of female mosquitoes. The virus are only carried and spread by female Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes as the human blood is rich in protein necessary for their production of eggs. Male mosquitoes only rely on the plant nectars as their food for survival. Most Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus usually bite on daytime. The only way to prevent this disease is to remove all their possible ways to reproduce more eggs. The facts about dengue fever could only be understood properly by understanding about these mosquito carrying viruses.

Nature Can Help in Reducing the Number of Mosquitoes

One of the common facts about dengue fever and mosquitoes is that nature can prevent this disease from affecting us so we need to take care of our nature. Nature can significantly reduce the increasing number of mosquitoes around us remember that mosquitoes can multiply rapidly because they lay many eggs. Animals such as frogs, spiders, lizards, and beetles are just some of the mosquito eating animals as they need it for their own survival. Larvivorous fishes such as guppy fish are also our friends as they eat mosquito larvae for their survival, these larvae could eventually turn into mosquitoes that cause dengue fever. There are also plants that can prevent mosquito from staying near our houses, always remember that nature is always around us.

Dengue Patients Should Never Take Aspirin

One of the unknown facts about dengue fever is that aspirin can intensify the bleeding of a dengue fever patient and increase the fatality of the complications because of its anticoagulant properties. Most of the time, Paracetamol is recommended to patients in relieving his or her fever and sensation of pain. The best way to alleviate the severity of dengue fever is to rest and consume nutritious foods at home. Antibiotics won't work because dengue is a virus and not just bacteria that could be treated by antibiotic medicines.

Those are the above mentioned facts about dengue fever and mosquitoes that we need to keep in mind for us to prevent this disease early. Although mosquitoes are just tiny insects that fly around us, they are capable of taking down our body. It is always important to prevent the spread of these insects before they could bring disaster to our lives.

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Comments (3)

Thank you Mark for exposing the fearful factors of mosquitos.

Good detail and presentation. Thank you.

I'll put dengue fever on my list of diseased to avoid, though I'm far from the tropics.